This project is the start of a collaborative and ongoing journey between myself and artist/sculptor Wayne Chisnall. You can read his blog here.

I wish to explore and push the boundaries of clay and ceramic as a sculpture and develop ideas with the introduction of metals and wood. I want to make many pieces which all have the same 'voice'; more than just my own and to be inclusive. One individual but as part of a collective. I wish to explore what it is to be human. Being in lockdown was a catalyst to the realisation of this feeling of being constrained; a kind of paradigm of what is happening in our society right now. The time during lockdown gave me time for reflection and left me with questions. 

After initial experimentation through welding, casting and the introduction to found branches in my work during 2018/19, I decided to approach Wayne to embark on this project with me. Wayne has extensive experience and knowledge of sculpting with timber, found objects, metals and resins and also has a wild imagination! We both have a passion for the woodlands surrounding Shropshire and regularly scavenge for discarded used objects and fallen tree branches to use in our own work. We both seek refuge in this woodland and feel privileged to have this on our doorstep. I suspect Wayne has a bigger collection of found objects than myself though (and I'm slightly jealous of this!)

Wayne and I are creating a body of work which will use ceramic, metals and wood; investigating the tension between the materials. the processes in the right order and the right conditions for the materials to behave. We wish to investigate fragility, displacement and explore the  delicate balance between the materials to enable them to fit aesthetically and practically.

The work has a direct link to the surfaces found in suburban and rural land and city scape. Capturing the essence of humanity in its rawest sense, playing with themes such as freedom and constraints, parts of the 'Self' and make into 3D that which cannot be physically touched. 


I'm hoping this project will open up discussion surrounding prejudice and discrimination in our human race and feel the need to understand our humanity on a more international and global platform because for me, the process and idea behind the work is just as important as the work itself. 

proposed sketch.jpg