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Blog post from the UNLOCKDOWN project during the Covid Pandemic  2020-2022

Introducing a collaborative and ongoing journey between myself and artist/sculptor Wayne Chisnall. You can read his blog here.

Wayne and I are investigating the tension between the materials such as ceramics, timber and found metals, exploring the concept of fragility, displacement and growth within the human experience. This project is a direct response to lockdown in the UK during 2020.

 Wayne and I are exploring the essence of humanity in its rawest sense, playing with themes such as freedoms and constraints and make into 3D that which cannot be physically touched. Wayne and I take turns in working on one individual sculpture, releasing the control over to the other to work with and respond to. This is a conversation through tangible materials and one without words.

Through the release of the control over a piece of work, each artist learns to listen and speak, learning from the others methodologies and experiences, exploring boundaries, knowledge and skills within a material.  

After initial experimentation through welding, casting and the introduction to found branches in my work during 2018/19, I decided to approach Wayne to embark on this project with me. Wayne has extensive experience and knowledge of sculpting with timber, found objects, metals and resins and also has a wild imagination! We both have a passion for the woodlands surrounding Shropshire and regularly scavenge for discarded used objects and fallen tree branches to use in our own work. We both seek refuge in the woodland surrounding the 'Wrekin' and Ercall Woods in Wellington, Telford and feel privileged to have this on our doorstep. I suspect Wayne has a bigger collection of found objects than myself though (and I'm slightly jealous of this)

For more information on the Unlockdown Project, please follow this link to our Youtube channel 


I'm hoping this project will open up discussion surrounding prejudice and discrimination in our communities on a personal and global level.

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