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A teacher told me off for being too messy saying..."Sharon, I am diss appointed, I know you can do better than this. Keep within the lines..."

I was 6. And in a hurry to play outside. I didn't want to colour in the shapes. It felt too slow and constricting. I remember being impatient and my body felt fidgety (I was always fidgety).

Now I see the same fidgety wildness in my daughter. Instead of telling her to be quiet, be still, be unseen, I encourage her to move and to play and to be free.

In this piece, I explore my own constraints, learned as a child. 

How far can I push the clay until it breaks and cracks? One flick for an eye and a nudge for an ear, rather than working in the features.

This is an interesting process and one I would like to explore further.


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