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There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of an artists life. I'd like to invite you into a little insight to this life of mine and reflect a little.

There seems to be a cycle of researching, making, developing, producing a body of work, panicking, revealing it to an audience and many, many conversations.

Winter is a time for making for me, before the exhibitions start in the summer months. I am able to spend moments in the cold dark winter months tucked away in my studio, allowing myself some experimental play moments with clay! This is where the magic happens...but eventually I miss the sun...

Once the work has been researched, played with, developed, pondered on and poked, prodded and fired, it is then photographed and catalogued. Each of the pieces made have to 'sit' with me a while before I let them out to be seen in the public! I imagine them to be chatting and having conversations with me and with one another in the studio. I really do get involved!

The sculpture this year has been seen at truly wonderful galleries and ceramic fairs, many of which have new homes...which brings me to the part about how they are seen. ..I believe that when I am in the studio, I have a conversation with the piece of clay. It talks back to me, speaks to me through surfaces, manipulation and texture. If I have too much to tell the clay, it somehow doesn't work as well as if I allow the clay to speak...and to have the other part of the conversation.

Once the sculpture is complete (after the firing and finishing processes) It is ready to have a conversation with other people. Each person who sees the sculpture holds their own story or narrative, bringing with them their own individual conversation which is completely different to the next person who sees it.

That is what I want.... I want conversation!

If you would like to join me on Instagram, I share behind the scene videos and have live chats with viewers who are able to comment and ask questions about the process.

Please join me in conversation and in real time. I would love to chat with you