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Spring Blog post 2020

Internal and External dialogues: A conversation.

I have an online exhibition with twenty twenty art gallery in Ludlow starting on April 18th for around 4 weeks. I want to share this body of work especially made for this exhibition. Its been about 6 months of investigations.

The project started with a drawing, a thought and a mind map surrounding the theme of Identity.

After many pages of sketching, scribbling and playing with ideas, my journey became more of an investigation of the 'SELF' and all the parts connecting the mind and body.  Gender, equality and age became the pinpoint to base my work upon using the human form and with 'nodding' references to history (Greek mythology) Theatre, Feminism and Folklore Tales.

I especially felt drawn to narratives surrounding forests, woodlands, humans and animals. The characters of some of these stories were fabulous! I came across stories of Owl Women; a tribe of women who were larger than life and hunted and ate men; stories of dryads, taking on the power of the trees and shapeshifting. 

These stories led me to contemporary and current issues and I wondered how these 'his stories' would be told by future generations. Which character would I play? Would I be a wise woman? A Dryad or a young girl? Where would I get my power from?

As a small child I would seek out quiet spaces and live for the outdoors. I had a wild imagination and this has stayed with me in my adult life. Clay allows me to play in the physical sense and is also a vehicle or outlet for my emotional self.


I hunt, gather and forage in the woodland at the back of my house for found objects. Twisted branches, smooth stones, oxides, coal, metals, plants and even the odd skull or bone can be a reminder of the place of safety or danger.

I search for deeper meanings through stories and through experiences in humanity and hope that each piece of sculpture has a story to tell.

check out the link for this exhibition www.twenty-twenty.co.uk