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After 18 months of keeping it a secret, I'm now delighted to announce that I, along with my artist friend Wayne Chisnall have been selected to exhibit sculptures from our ongoing sculpture project at COLLECT with the Crafts Council UK.

As a direct response to the Covid pandemic, we have been exploring the concept of ‘freedom’ and ‘constraints’, choosing to work with tangible, physical materials such as clay, wood and found metals. We have produced a small series of sculptures which visually interpret our own personal experiences and of those witnessed within our immediate community throughout isolation.

Collect is one of the world’s most influential fairs focusing on contemporary craft and design and living artists taking place each year at Somerset House in the heart of London.

COLLECT will take place from 25th-27th February 2022 with previews on 23-24th February 2022.

This highly acclaimed Crafts Council event showcases the best of British and International high-end crafts, and we are both very excited to have been selected to take part.


We would love to invite you to Collect personally but if you would like to view the work from the comfort of your own home, please do email us and I will happily add you to our online event.


About our project

Telford is the fastest growing town in the UK with 17900 residents. Telford is absolutely fantastic for industry and is home to the first bridge to be made from iron (Ironbridge). The area is unique geologically with ferrous metals, clay, coal and limestone which is perfect for exploring!

Telford was built within an area of outstanding national beauty (the Wrekin and Ercall) and has a deep history of old villages dating back to the 1200's (or even further if you include the Saxon homestead on the Wrekin hill)

Named after Thomas Telford, the town was developed in the 1970's by Telford Development Corporation (TDC), providing new homes for the overspill of Liverpool, Birmingham and Wolverhampton. The prospect of jobs, schools and local shopping centres within each of the estates was promoted to those who sought employment and a community for raising a family. Both Wayne Chisnall and myself experienced growing up in the (then)new social housing throughout the 1970's and 80's, witnessing what life was like first hand.

Through the UNLOCKDOWN project, we aim to help raise aspirations of the people living in Telford, promoting the creativity in the area through education, play and the exploration of materials.

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