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I share my pottery with others. Its a beautiful small community of friends and we are a small 'pottery family '.

The shared space can be accessed 24/7 allowing folk to work on their pots day or night. The pottery is a not for profit space and is run by volunteers. The rent is low and each individual group takes the responsibility for the upkeep.

During December a storm blew the felt off the pottery roof, revealing rotten beams and holes in the walls.

Not ideal just before Christmas!

So... to help generate some funds, I'm hoping to raffle off some sculpture.

Please do take a look at the raffle but if there is anything you'd like to have a commission of or donate a small amount of money, all donations are so very much welcome 😊

Wishing you all a much deserved warm and restful winter 🥰🙏

Peace and love

Sharon x

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